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Kitchen & Laundry Design

A successful kitchen & laundry includes specific components organized in a particular pattern to optimize performance and efficiency. Our designed are optimised with Cost/Energy/Area/Money & Equipped with modern Technology and advancement available in the market and follows HACCP Standards.

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Restaurant Consulting

Concept development means developing a plan for the success of the operation in its market in advance of actually designing let alone building the facility. Concept development precedes the actual design of a food service facility. Our food service design team helps you that what the menu, demand, hours of operation, and mode of service will be.

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& Operation set up

Our Training and Development professionals monitor staff performance against the Training. We help people in setting up Operations by giving them the standard operating procedure and guidelines for smooth operations

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Determine a food concept

A food concept is the first thing to consider when planning on opening a restaurant, aiming for a family-style steakhouse, upscale French cuisine or a quick-service ethnic restaurant. Having a food concept will give your potential customers some idea of what they can expect from your restaurant.

Consider the ambiance.

The ambiance or atmosphere of the restaurant is another important factor, relating to the food concept. Many varied factors contribute to the ambiance of a restaurant, such as furniture, lighting, dish and glassware, servers' uniforms, music, serving style and clientele.
Having an idea of the ambiance we wish to create its importance.

Plan on a serving style

Our food concept, target customers and location will all play a role in deciding on a service style. There are three main service styles: quick-service, mid-scale and upscale.
It is important to decide which category of the restaurant falls in to, as this distinction will help shape future decisions.

Crafting Your Restaurant – We Do

A comprehensive description of your concept and description of your target customers then we shape an outline of your menu and potential pricing. Based on project we provide as much financial information as possible, including details on your start-up capital, Estimate of your long-term income and expenditure as well we hire and train employees.