Kitchen at Home, COVID-19


The spread of the Covid -19 pandemic changes everything overnight. Entire world is under lock down and people have locked themselves at home to remain safe. Offices are operating from home, educational institutions are not operational. Instantaneously the whole routine changes. The maximum impact came on one part of the home and that is “Kitchen”. The kitchen now became more active place and unanticipatedly you feel that few changes are required in comparison to the daily routine. Let’s go through what major changes are the need of the time:


During the lockdown, due the health reasons people are now cooking at home and as a safety measure ordering less food from restaurant delivery. Some are doing it due to health reasons, few may be opting it because of non-availability of food due to closure of food delivery or restaurants not operating. So this promotes making of more and more homemade food. This led to lots of changes in the kitchen from cooking to the cleaning and organizing the overall kitchen space and structure.


People are spending more time cooking at home, the time spent in the kitchen increases as people are doing multi-tasking from the kitchen like attending calls and online meetings etc. When you spend good amount of time in a specific space, it is advisable to make that space more equipped, comfortable and functional. So there are few ideas to make the kitchen more supporting in such situation.

Add a chair or stool in the kitchen so that one can add some comfort in between while attending calls or chopping vegetables or simply sipping a cup of tea.
Add a few more charging points in the kitchen so that it would easier for you to use the appliances along with the gadgets like mobile phones and laptops due to this one can perform the kitchen and office work consistently simultaneously.
Add a small laptop holding tray on the wall so you can see the recipes or answer calls from the office while working in the kitchen.


Unprecedented lockdown and the risk of not exposing to the marketplace frequently are normal these days for the coming time. In such a situation every one wishes to stock some additional food supply at home. Now this will lead to more space requirements in the kitchen comparison to the regular days when some of the online food stores delivers the food articles directly at home or you bring necessary items any day while returning from the office or from nearby shops.
To deal with this recent situation your current kitchen needs little more storage space, which you can achieve by moving some of the rarely used crockery items to the loft as for a long time hosting parties at home is not a good idea at all, one can use this space for more consumable articles.
Organize your kitchen drawers and shelf space once again with their maximum storage capacity in comparison to the normal days where we keep items loosely and are not able to use 100% of the space.
Unpack the big packaging items of biscuits, pasta, cornflakes, etc into the jars and you can save more space of their box packaging size.
Add few hooks on the kitchen wall and hang a few items there in cloth bags to maximize the space.
Mix onion & potato in a common wicker basket or veggie basket, this will give you one more basket for additional items.
If cabinet size is big then one additional shelf in between will add another 33% of the space in the same cabinet.


Present pertaining situations suggest regular cleaning of hands along with whatever item you bring from outside. Cleaning all packets with wet cloth and vegetables in running water before use is a mandatory process one need to follow these days to keep yourself safe and healthy. This will lead to add some more items or additional equipment at the sink area and a bit more space to follow the safety procedure.

Keep your sink drain board free for regular cleaning of items bought from outside especially greens and fruits.
Use a draining basket or a perforated flat top and keep it near the sink for all purposes of cleaning.
Keep the soap or hand sanitizer near to sink for easy access.


Food prepared at home is the safest food in the present situation. Make sure you boil and cook the food enough before consuming the food from outside. Try to avoid consuming raw vegetables for some time. You can add some immunity booster food in your daily consumption to prepare yourself against the threat of infection.

Fruits like blueberries, oranges, kiwi are very good immunity booster fruits.
Vegetables like spinach, broccoli, sweet potatoes & red bell pepper.
Ginger, Garlic & Turmeric can be added in food preparation for additional benefits. Consumption of dark chocolate, green tea, and almonds are also proven as immunity boosters as these are considered to be the super foods which are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients.

So the conclusion is, corona will remain around us for a longer period of time than expected. “Prevention is the only cure” and hence it is strongly advisable to prepare for the coming time with better immunity and a more relaxing working environment at home as home is the safest place right now and the kitchen is the only health zone. So keep yourself fit, eat healthy food, enjoy cooking, and stay safe and rejuvenated.