Indian Hospitality VS Chinese Virus (COVID-19)

With the unseen enemy of world, everywhere world is stepped back, this threat has been a eye opening disaster. Business /Share markets lapsing, Economy is shrinking for even the biggest oil exporters like Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, oil is lying undelivered with no demand. 150 People of royal family are suspected for the virus, The Great Britain’s Prime minister is in ICU after infection. Italy ,USA, Spain, Iran has a rigorous death counts. Well established counties like USA facing death rate of 800plus people everyday, which is increasing.Everywhere in the world governments are fighting for minimising the impact of the Covid, Other side the genetic engineers are working round the clock for finding the cure, the vaccine, in all advance countries.

In the present scenario there is no travelling in any forms. World is locked down and people are forced to be in there home, as Social Distancing is the only way we can ensure the safety or precaution against this unseen giant. Here few south Asian counties like, Thailand,Malaysia, Nepal,Indonesia, even India & many more.who were having primary source for income coming from tourism and hospitality, this is the toughest time for those. They are walking on a sword where there is no income and major expenditure to provide the essential goods to there citizens. Survival of fittest will again be implemented and the people started predicting time after this even when the cure will be Available, the economy will be crashed. No hope is being seen for the revival, the after effect is in dark forecasted for at least 6 to 10 months.

India today standing strongly in the world as the leadership has read the writing on wall. India has applied there moral science requested their countrymen to support the government in this fight. World is looking and learning from India, a country which is in existence since 1947, having a population of 1.3Billion there was biggest threat. But precautionary measures has been taken well on time to minimize the impact.

Now when it comes to the Economy which is being supported by tourism and hospitality a lot. Has a share of close to 24%to GDP. What is the future? Many international/Domestic hotel brands have declared to postpone there expansions to 2021. The restaurant industry is dying, QSR chains have a question mark on there existence. No hope is being seen for revival. Hospitality is being seen as a wrong business, few of the client discussing on the fact for dropping there plans to built a hotel and convert the plan to a hospital.

Here we are forgetting our cultural values which will work as Sanjivani boost for the economic revival of our hospitality industry. India as a country known for hospitality, 1.3 Billion country makes it a huge internal market for business, for demand and supply, moreover the trust which has grown on India, may shift world interest from China to India, today the strong leadership of India will not miss any opportunity which comes to support their citizens.
No point to be very upset and only see negativity, marriages, social gatherings is essential part of Indian culture to share the good and bad events. As Indians, We are fighters from the soul, humble from the heart, and if say the loss which has happened that’s for the entire world. This issue has bought the world together unlike any other crises. This time the humanity is shaken, lock down has given an opportunity to think asses and rebuilt. Let’s all utilize this era, let’s be bold to face this, and wait for a fantastic time, where we as Indians will revive Soon. Not only fill the gap even we should expect a increase in the share to the Indian economy. Strong believe is coming from the fact that China a biggest manufacturer of the world at present has lost the trust. Indications are coming as China himself have given birth to this virus. In Asia if the world has a trustworthy, safe & resourceful country apart from China is India, this will again support hospitality. The present leadership has been able to built this trust. Be safe for time being and stay tuned for an upcoming bright future✌